Abducted to Japan


About TheTimKai

I'm an American living in Japan for the last 16 years. I married and divorced a Japanese woman. We had a wonderful son his name is Kai Endo and he is almost 7 years old(This month) After the March 11,2011 Earthquake his mother chose that time to cut all ties with me and not let me meet my son. Not only is this wrong it is also a violation of human rights. Japan is lagging behind all developed countries in this regard.Kais mother and I are in mediation court (5th meeting).Next will be to the Judge. How could one parent cut off the other parent? this is completely heartless and unacceptable by my standards. children need both parents and the other parent should always take into consideration the childs mental well being. Japan needs to change it's Laws and I'm working towards making the Japanese Government accountable for their atrocious family laws. I love my son Kai.
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